Program Partners

NSF operates through medical mission program partnerships that provide comprehensive care to indigent patients.
Our volunteer teams provide direct patient care to hundreds of adults and children each year, while working towards the long-term goal of developing sustainable spine care programs in each community we travel to.

Our mission teams are made-up of renowned spine surgeons, allied health professionals and volunteers who are committed to providing patients access to spine surgery, while removing cost and resource barriers. Patients are carefully screened by local social workers and receive surgery and care at no cost to them. NSF and its partners support related expenses (i.e. pre/post operative care, imaging, medications, OR supplies, travel etc.) Our passionate teams volunteer their time and expertise out of the sheer love of giving back and changing lives.

NSF understands that no two locations or countries are the same, and provides tailored resources and operational support to fit the unique needs of each medical mission location.

NSF Provides its Program Partners:
  • Medical mission trip operational planning and logistics
  • On-the-ground execution of medical mission trips
  • Funding (i.e. patient care, OR supplies, transportation, volunteer travel scholarships)
  • Spinal hardware, technology and clinical services (neuromonitoring and product support)
  • Passionate medical and non-medical volunteers

Current Partners


NSF began its partnership with One World Surgery (OWS) in 2018 and was the first medical mission team to bring spine surgery to this region – 200 miles northeast of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. The primary focus of this location is adult degenerative spine surgery. NSF travels to Honduras three times a year and performs 20-30 surgeries and assesses 150-200 patients each trip.

The Honduran spine program is our largest and fastest growing medical mission trip location. The program is operated by NSF, with support from the incredible OWS team and local Honduran medical staff that operate the Holy Family Surgery Center. This mission is unique in that NSF recruits all the volunteer medical roles (surgeons, nurses, anesthesia, physical therapy etc.) needed to safely perform surgeries and assess patients in clinic.

One World Surgery is a nonprofit confronting this global health crisis by partnering with communities, healthcare providers, and leaders in healthcare to deliver surgical services. The OWS vision is a world with safe, timely, and accessible surgical care.


The primary focus of this location is pediatric complex deformity spine surgery.  The team operates out of the CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Hospital Alta Especialidad twice a year and performs 6-12 surgeries and assesses 30-50 patients each trip.

Global Spine Outreach is a nonprofit organization that transforms the lives of patients with complex spinal deformities around the world and helps medical teams learn advanced spinal techniques.


The primary focus of this location is adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. This partnerships includes a multi-island network of diagnostic clinics and surgical teams to address spine care to the entire region. Past trips have included: Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Teams travel 4-6 times a year and perform 8-12 surgeries and assess 20-40 patients in clinic each trip.

World Pediatric Project is a nonprofit organization with a mission to heal critically ill children and build healthcare capacity in the world.

Patient Profile: Meet Dani

When we met Dani she was paralyzed from the waist down and struggling to breathe.

We knew we could drastically improve her quality of life and most importantly allow her to keep doing what she loves most – to sing.