To keep administrative costs low, NSF relies on passionate volunteers to help advance our mission and operations.

Whether it’s volunteering for an event, helping with administrative efforts or participating on a medical mission trip, we are always grateful and in need of volunteers!

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Event Support
  • Fundraisings Support
  • Medical Mission Trips

Current Volunteer Opportunities

NSF is run by a staff of two and is always looking for passionate individuals to help with everything from day-to-day operations, fundraising and medical mission trip support. Below are the open opportunities.

Fundraising Volunteers

  • Collect auction/raffle items
  • Explore new sponsorship opportunities
  • Provide day-of event support
  • Become an NSF Champion

Medical Mission Volunteers

  • Spine surgeons
  • Pre-op/PACU nurses
  • Radiology techs
  • Scrub techs
  • Circulators/OR nurses
  • Anesthesiologists/CRNA
  • Sterilization techs
  • Physical therapists
  • General non-medical volunteers