Dr. Leonel Hunt and Dr. Gabriel Hunt have developed a project in conjunction with the African Health Foundation that brings quality brain and spine care to under-served regions of the world, starting with the continent of Africa. On August 6, 2010 they took two surgical teams to Gabon on the west coast of Africa, where they performed brain and spine procedures over the course of a week at two separate hospitals. The Military Hospital is responsible for providing care to patients from all of Gabon and surrounding countries in the African interior. The hospital has the capacity to care for neurosurgical patients, having built a 10-bed neurosurgical wing. However, there is not sufficient manpower nor expertise to address patient needs. The second facility is called El Rapha. It is a 49-bed medical clinic that was built by the former First Lady of Gabon. The facility is equipped with four operating rooms. There is one neurosurgeon who treats some head trauma but is not experienced or equipped to treat patients with spinal injuries. There is a rather large number of spinal injury patients in the country that are left untreated because of the lack of specialists as well as necessary equipment to perform the appropriate procedures. Their goal is to not only treat these patients who have not had access to appropriate care but also teach the surgeons of the region how to address these issues in the future. This was the beginning of an ongoing effort to provide support for the facilities as well as to provide educational programs to train physicians and nurses to care for these critical patients. This endeavor will span the continent of Africa and eventually Asia, Central America, and South America.