Why It Matters

Why It Matters

The Foundation was born out of one of the key attributes embraced by the NuVasive® Family — having an “attitude of gratitude”. This core value was actualized in 2009 when the company developed the NuVasive Spine Foundation™ (formerly the NuVasive Cheetah Gives Back Foundation) as a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting members of the NuVasive® Family who were in need, as well as local and national charitable organizations.

As the Foundation evolved, it began to focus on supporting medical missions to developing
countries. Today, the NuVasive Spine Foundation is focused on supporting medical missions abroad, training spine surgeons in disadvantaged communities, and providing assistance to spine patients in the U.S. who are in need.  The Foundation looks forward to increasing its impact as it continues to grow.

Back pain is the most common reason for physician office visits after the common cold. For some, not only is this back and neck pain severe or debilitating, but it also significantly reduces the quality of their health and life. Unfortunately, many people in disadvantaged communities around the world have limited access to the medical treatment they need and are living in severe pain.

Freddy’s Story

Freddy was confined to a hospital bed in his hometown in Kenya—he had a collapsed L4-L5 vertebrae which resulted in severe pain in his back and no mobility in his legs. With no access to appropriate medical care, Freddy had little hope and accepted that he probably only had a few weeks or months left to live.

One of the NuVasive Spine Foundation™ medical mission teams was in Kenya during the same time Freddy hospitalized and was equipped with the products and experience necessary to perform the appropriate back surgery on Freddy. Since the surgery, Freddy has gotten his life back. He not only is living out-of-pain and enjoying life, but is also able to continue providing for his family and community once-again.

The NuVasive Spine Foundation is committed to changing lives, one spine at a time.

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